Toilets with FLUSHMATE Inside Perform Better, and are the Preferred Choice of Today’s Consumer!
FLUSHMATE uses pressure instead of gravity, creating the strongest flushing action.

FLUSHMATE  III uses less than 1.6 gallons (6 liters) per flush without sacrificing performance (saves up to 20% more water than conventional technologies).
FLUSHMATE  IV uses less than 1.0 gallons (4 liters) per flush without sacrificing performance (saves up to 45% more water than conventional technologies).

FLUSHMATE has been proven to be effective and reliable. Commercial and residential marketplaces have embraced FLUSHMATE technology due to its superior performance and ability to conserve more water than any other water closet flushing mechanism.

Maintenance Supply is Georgia’s Largest Flushmate Distributor.


We stock all of the most popular two piece toilet replacement tanks for American Standard, Kohler, Gerber, Crane, Mansfield.

We must have the following information when ordering a replacement Flushmate tank.

  1. Model # of Flushmate tank
  2. Serial # of Flushmate tank
  3. Series# of Flushmate tank
  4. Manufacturer of the toilet (ie; Kohler, Gerber ect..)

We also stock all the parts for the Flushmate tanks and flush handles for American Standard, Kohler, and Gerber.

 Flushmate is discontinuing the 501B series tank. For more information about the replacement tanks follow the link provided here.

501B series discontinued replacement instructions


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Flushmate Trouble Shooting Guide
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