Schier Products is a American manufacturer dedicated to one thing – making the highest quality products for the treatment of commercial and industrial waste water.SCHIER LOGO

There products are organized into five product groups: Grease Interceptors for kitchen waste, Oil Separators to intercept motor oil and other liquids, Solid Interceptors to intercept commercial and industrial debris like lint, hair, sand, and manufacturing solids, Chemical Waste Tanks and Systems for the passive neutralization of lab and manufacturing waste water, and Process Systems – turnkey systems to actively treat industrial process waste water.



The Great Basinā„¢ Indoor/Outdoor Polyethylene Grease Interceptors is a high capacity, high efficient grease interceptor.


Schier’s  NEW TeleGlideā„¢ Field-adjustable riser system allows for field adjustment of risers. This almost eliminates the cost and lead time of custom risers.

All Schier Great Basins have a Lifetime Warranty and are 100% Corrosion-Proof.

If you are needing a new interceptor or are out of compliance with your local county/city waste water department we can help you.  


   GB-250                                                  GB-75



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