Since its inception in 1985, Hydrotek has devoted its resources to develop and manufacture sensor-operated, automatic flush valves. All of Hydrotek’s flush valve models are available in either AC powered or battery operated versions. Hydrotek’s products incorporate its own uniquely designed and patented electronics, mixing mechanism, chemical-resistant rubber seals and slow closing solenoid valves. These innovative features have enabled Hydrotek to become an industry leader today.  Hydrotek currently distributes its sensor products throughout the United States, mostly through its appointed wholesale distributors where service can be provided.

Because of Hydrotek’s strong desire and commitment to provide customers with the highest quality products, we constantly upgrade and improve the performance and reliability of our products..

It may be cost effective to change to entire valve rather than continuing to repair  the other more popular brands on the market.

We stock Hydrotek’s retro fit valve in both Closet and Urinal, and all the parts for them.


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